European Study on Chemical Composition of Fracking Wastewater

Natural gas drilling and surrounding pollution problems  Produced water can contain a complex mixture of metals, salts and other chemicals, partly composed of the original fracturing fluid components, but also of chemicals released by the rocks in the area. There is widespread concern about the large volumes of water used for fracking and the effects of the wastewater on human and environmental health. Researchers in Europe took samples of produced water from three fracking sites in the US.They then used a number of different analysis techniques to determine the chemical composition of the samples, although not the concentrations of the different organic (carbon-based) constituents.This  analysis is one of the most comprehensive studies of chemical composition of its kind to date. Read more ›

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San Jose Water Company: Water quality and environmental compliance are critical business functions

Chemical leak contaminated drinking water supplies.

Our new customer, San Jose Water Company, is deploying our Locus EIM and Locus Mobile solutions to consolidate and manage its water sampling and environmental compliance data. The keyword  for SJWC is “consolidate”.  San Jose Water’s challenge was to consolidate its 12+ data silos into one comprehensive solution with the capabilities to provide a tighter, more integrated system.  SJWC determined that Locus EIM and Locus Mobile provided the right solution.  Francois Rodigari, the director of Water Quality and Environmental Services at San Jose Water said it best:  “Water quality and environmental compliance are critical business functions at San Jose Water Company.  …for the first time, the ability to consolidate and access critical information on data related to water quality and environmental compliance in a single repository based on a cloud platform.  This comprehensive view of our water system will help us to comprehensively manage all data related to drinking water and environmental compliance, and as a result, bring higher efficiency to our organization.”  Thank you SJWC!


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Quality Water — A new look at the tap


As an environmental software and services company, we work closely with companies that need to follow Federal, State and Local compliance mandates to ensure the status quo of the environment.  One market segment that always amazes me is drinking water. Every single day, public water systems test your tap water.  Everyday single day, water is collected, tested, analyzed and reported to internal public water teams, and less frequently, external agencies.   Today we announced that San Jose Water Company, that serves more than one million people in the Silicon Valley region, has selected Locus for our environmental software and mobile app solution, EIM and Locus Mobile.  The deployed systems consolidates and manages San Jose Water’s field data collection; water compliance and water quality data; and all its environmental compliance and environmental data.  SJWC will also use the Locus EIM to manage its environmental permits for all its sites and facilities.

Want to learn more about water?  Check out these resources:

Six minute TedTalk by Heather Himmelberger from the University of New Mexico, Director of the Southwest Environmental Finance Center at the University of New Mexico,


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Train Derailment in Virginia — Crude Oil in the River, An Environmental Crisis

Train Derailment - Crude Oil to river

A boom in oil shipments by rail and a string of derailments across North America have put hyper focus on rail safety. And for good reason. The risk can take its toll. This week, a CSX Corp. train with more than 100 tanker cars traveling from North Dakota to Virginia derailed Monday afternoon along the pristine Kanawha River about 30 miles outside the state capital of Charleston.  Explosions sent fireballs hundreds of feet into the air, burned at least one home and sent crude oil into the river. Read more ›

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How Can Helping the Planet Hurt the Birds?


When it comes to the environment, everybody has an opinion, and at times, those opinions can be polar opposite.  LA Times shares a story about a new $2.2 billion solar power plant in the Ivanpah desert of California.  Good for the environment? At first glance yes.  However, while the new sun-energy collection facility harvests the sun’s power through large, garage door-sized glass-mirrored panels … their reflection is posing a different problem.  Birds that fly over the panels are dying. Interesting story of how being green can create an unexpected consequence.

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Chevron Selects Locus EIM SaaS as a System of Record

Locus landscape-22 Christina

Check out our great news!  Chevron Environmental Management Company (CEMC), a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies, has extended its relationship with Locus to use our award-winning Environmental Information Management (EIM) solution as the system of record for managing environmental-based analytical lab and field data.

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 Natural Gas Usage Up with Leaky Consequences


Environment challenge: Use a cleaner resource without environmental impact.  The reality, even good environmental intentions produce by-products and/or have risk than need to be monitored. Check out this insightful article about natural gas.

Fact: Natural gas now produces 27 percent of the electricity generated in the United States, and the percentage is rising. Natural gas is cleaner than coal and at a lower price point.  But as with all energy producing resources, there is an enemy and in this case, the arch enemy is methane. What is worse, it is leaky. The New Times Editor, John Schwartz, digs in deep of the issues, long term implications, political policies, and environmental impact of natural gas.

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